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Enjoy today while planning for the future

When I founded The Starner Group nearly three decades ago, I had a simple mission – to help my clients achieve their financial goals. At that time, I decided on a few guiding principles that I thought would be critical to my success. The first principle was listening. I promised myself that when a prospective client walked into my office, I wouldn’t offer any advice until I listened to everything he or she had to say. Beginning with the first meeting, I wanted to know every detail – from the mundane information about a client’s assets to his or her lifelong goals and aspirations. I gathered this data both in face-to-face meetings and by asking people to complete questionnaires and surveys about their goals and investment beliefs.

As you might imagine, there were some who resisted my labor-intensive approach. They wanted answers immediately or had no interest in my surveys. This leads to my second guiding principle – I would only work with a client if I could make a difference in his or her life. Those who weren’t interested in collaboration, or who wanted only investment advice rather than a full financial plan, would be referred to other advisors. I learned that shortcuts always led to less commitment and, thus, to disappointment. Why embark on a relationship that’s bound to disappoint both of us? Life is too short … and too long.

These two guiding principles have worked remarkably well over the years. Today, The Starner Group of Raymond James & Associates is a nationally recognized, invitation-only financial planning team. We have built long-term relationships – through good markets and bad – with our clients because we have listened to their goals and dreams and are steadfastly committed to making them a reality.

Each of us at The Starner Group looks forward to helping you live your best life.

Margaret C. Starner CFP

Margaret C. Starner, CFP®
Senior Vice President, Investments

The Starner Group